Joachim Nachmansohn

Fertilizer, Soil and Water Management Expert, Nachmansohn Consulting Co.

Joachim Nachmansohn is an international fertilizer and soil & water management expert.

Educated in Sweden with two separate master’s degrees in both agriculture and soil and water management, he laid the foundation for his expertise in plant nutrition and environmental impact, as well as efficiency, profitability and innovation.

His unique specialty is Demand-Driven Fertilization™. Founded on Wallenberg Prize awarded discoveries it was then passed along to him by great innovators and mentors. Now he spreads the concept around the world in order to improve plant production in all niches, and to lower adverse environmental impact.

He is a published columnist and article writer all over the Anglo-American world and beyond, he holds lectures and educations internationally, and not the least is an appreciated inspirational public speaker and takes on international speaking engagements, in which he shares his insights, thoughtfulness and wit.

Through his company Nachmansohn Consulting & Co he spreads unique clarity and offers solutions on the field of plant nutrition and environmental impact, works with helping plant producers to optimize production, consults fertilizer companies, as well as contributes with expertise to different national and international institutes.