Dr. Bob Fairclough

Principal Consultant – AgriGlobe®, Kleffmann

Dr. Bob Fairclough is the Director and Team Leader for Kleffmann Group’s agricultural input market trend information and consulting unit amis®AgriGlobe®. In this role he is responsible for leading a team of researchers and data analysts in the development of a comprehensive portfolio of information products designed to address the diverse information needs of the group’s client base. This includes managing the amis®AgriGlobe® database; a unique mix of high-quality data on over 75 countries, which correspond to over 95% of the global crop protection market.

Prior to joining the Kleffmann Group, Fairclough spent more than 20 years in the International Business Intelligence and Market Research support industry; most recently with the responsibility of developing AMIS Global. He holds a Ph.D. in Plant Pathology from the University of Glasgow and a BSc in Agricultural Technology from Harper Adams University, England. Prior to pursuing a career in industry analysis & market research Fairclough was directly involved in practical agriculture.