The Time is Now!

Radical Change in the Crop Input Market.  Is your business prepared with a new strategy?

Timing for this event could not be more perfect. As you know, the crop protection industry is going through another wave of radical change. The most recent reform hits on three fronts:

  1. China’s crackdown on environmental regulation violations, which have resulted in fewer smaller manufacturers –– leaving buyers with less sourcing options.
  2. The Indian government’s “Make In India” policy, which will shift India’s export strategy and supply chain.
  3. The spate of mega mergers from multinationals and large distributors. Market gaps are opening- learn how to capitalize.

Market unrest is nothing new, and it’s why sourcing has always been central to AgriBusiness Global’s mission –– to bring buyers and sellers of crop protection and plant health products together and to provide you with the data and information you need to foster better business relationships.

Delegates will meet with representatives from some of the largest and most active companies in the crop input space and hear from industry executives – offering you an opportunity to streamline your product procurement strategy.

Get exclusive insight from our keynote speakers Bob Fairclough, Kleffmann Group, and Jim DeLisi, Fanwood Chemical.

Join us in Las Vegas – and leave with a clear vision of your sourcing strategy!